Le petit paradis – Seychelles!

Easter 2009. Hubby and I travelled to Seychelles on an absolute whim. This was well before celebrities made it fashionable to honeymoon there.

Our aircraft approached Mahe (the largest island in the Seychelles), in the wee hours of morning. Silhouetted against the pale golden light of dawn, the Seychellois islands began to slowly appear. Our tropical paradise holiday was just minutes away!

Dawn - Mahe, Seychelles

At Mahe airport, I was thoroughly amused by the visa stamp on  my passport. To my jet-lagged eyes, it looked like a pair of shapely buttocks!

visa stamp, Seychelles

Hubby explained it was the outline of the coco-de-mer nut, a plant endemic to Seychelles. Ingenious! I don’t know about you but it’s the most exotic visa stamp I’ve ever seen.

Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, consisting of over 100 granitic and coralline islands. Situated about 1,500km from mainland Africa, it is endowed with phenomenal natural beauty, from picture-postcard beaches to stunning biodiversity.

We rented a car and headed to Victoria, the capital of Mahe. Along the way, we were greeted by unspoilt beaches and inviting blue-green waters. Such a welcome change from the frantic pace of city life we had just left behind.

Coast - Mahe, Seychelles

We got to the town centre and a familiar sight awaited us. At the heart of Victoria is Lorloz, a much smaller version of the Big Ben. Erected in 1903, this clock tower is a reminder of the British rule in Seychelles and today, a tourist landmark. We walked around admiring the Victorian architecture of the nearby buildings.

Victoria clock-tower, Mahe, Seychelles

At lunch time, we headed to The Pirates Arms. Over glasses of local beer, we chatted about the laidback vibe and rustic beauty of the island. We were smitten!


We spent the rest of the day at the idyllic Beau Vallon beach. The turquoise waters were calm and despite Beau Vallon’s popularity, the beach was relatively empty.

As we lay down in the powder-soft sand, we realized just how tired we were from the flight and jet-lag. We splashed around in the warm waters of Beau Vallon and our exhaustion slowly began to fade away. So therapeutic!

Beau Vallon beach, Mahe, Seychelles

Dusk approached and the sky turned into an incredible mosaic of colors. We watched the sundown spectacle in awe!

Sunset at Beau Vallon beach, Mahe, Seychelles

This was just a prelude to what the fortnight ahead had in store for us – island hopping, creole cuisine, coco-de-mer, Aldabra giant tortoises….

More about Mahe and things to do there in my posts, Mahe Musings – 1 & Mahe Musings – 2.

Curious about the island of Praslin? Head to my post, Of naughty nuts & giant tortoises.

For now, I’ll let a few pictures from Day 1 do the talking.

Happy kids of Mahe

Happy kids of Mahe

Blue and green everywhere!

Blue and green everywhere

Ergonomic signage

Ergonomic signage

Traffic jam

Traffic jam

Islands galore

Islands galore

Victoria's favorite watering hole

Victoria’s favorite watering hole



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4 responses to “Le petit paradis – Seychelles!

  1. Steve Barnett

    I know your Feeling, so much so I have booked for a return in October for 2 weeks. If ever i was in love it is with Seychelles, Mahe especially as it was so facinating we never even thought of visiting the other islands.


    • No Roads Barred

      Wow! I’m so jealous, Steve! I can imagine why you fell in love with Seychelles 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do read my next post on Mahe (it’s the first of 2).

      Happy travels back to the Seychelles!



  2. Stephannie

    I fell in love with Seychelles too– so much so that I moved here! I sold all my belongings back in the US, and I am lucky to have a job that can travel with me. It has been about 1-1/2 years now I’ve made Seychelles my home and I can’t imagine living any where else.


    • No Roads Barred

      WOW!!! How wonderful for you, Stephannie! 😀

      I don’t know where life will take us in a few years from now. But there’s always the possibility that maybe one day we could be neighbors 😉

      Thanks for stopping by. And I’m so glad to hear from you.



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