Mahe Musings – 1

Pristine palm-fringed beaches, clear cerulean waters, the most hospitable locals, delectable creole seafood, legends of swashbuckling pirates and hidden treasures….just some of the exciting stuff Mahe is made of!

Our first week in Seychelles. We spent hours relaxing at some of Mahe’s idyllic beaches – Beau Vallon, Anse Soleil, Grand Anse and a few other heavenly anses whose names I don’t recall now. (Anse is the French word for ‘cove’ or ‘bay’.)Anse Soleil - Mahe, Seychelles

We couldn’t get ourselves to step away from the comfort of the silky, smooth sand and the cooling ocean breeze. But we had to visit some of Mahe’s other sights. Here’s a summary of our first few days in Mahe:

DAY 1 – Tea Factory

Located in the vicinity of the mist covered Morne Blanc, this 50 year old tea factory produces organic tea for export.

Morne Blanc - Mahe, Seychelles

The whole area is enveloped in a warm, tea aroma and the surrounding tea plantations lend an ethereal charm to the place.

Tea Factory - Mahe, Seychelles

The cozy cafe on-site (Tea Tavern) gives visitors an opportunity to sample some of the speciality teas produced here.

Tea Tavern - Mahe, Seychelles

Complementing the superb tea experience is the breath-taking view of the western slopes of Mahe.

View from Tea Factory - Mahe, Seychelles

DAY 1 (con’td) – Ruins of Venn’s Town Mission Lodge

Close to the Tea Factory are the moss covered ruins of a boarding school built by missionaries in 1876 to educate the children of liberated slaves. In its time, it was a symbol of great hope for these children and their families.

Venn’s Town - Mahe, Seychelles

Today, the lookout gazebo offers an unparalleled, southward view of Mahe.

Venn Town - Mahe, Seychelles

DAY 2 – Ste. Anne’s Marine National Park 

We rented a glass bottom boat at the pier and headed to Ste. Anne’s Marine Park. En route, our boatman slowed the boat to let us observe the seagrass and colorful fish via the glass bottom.

Glass bottom boat - Mahe, Seychelles

Our destination for the day was the picturesque Cerf Island (a part of the marine park).

Cerf Island, Seychelles

The translucent, teal waters of Cerf Island are a snorkelers delight, with fish visible even from the shore.

Cerf island - Seychelles

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted a reef shark!

After a few hours of glorious sunshine, a vicious storm began to brew on the horizon. We reluctantly decided to head back to Mahe.

Cerf island, Seychelles

The early evening downpour created a dramatic double rainbow, ending the day on a magical note.

Double rainbow - Mahe, Seychelles

Fun Tip: We had rented a car for our week on Mahe. But one of the must dos here is to take the local bus. Be warned! The bus drivers are daredevils – navigating the narrow, winding, hillside roads of Mahe at F1 speeds. Hold on to the handle in front or like us, you could risk being thrown out of the bus. A thrilling joyride for sure! And worry not,  their safety record is impeccable.

For more on our time in Mahe, head to Mahe Musings – 2.

Curious about the island of Praslin? Head to my post, Of naughty nuts & giant tortoises.

I leave you now to enjoy some of Mahe’s local Creole dishes. The Seychellois cuisine is heavily influenced by African, French and Indian flavors, making for some really delicious, fusion food. Bon appetit!

Octopus Salad at a Beau Vallon cafe

Octopus Salad at a Beau Vallon restaurant

Octopus curry at a Beau Vallon cafe

Octopus curry at a Beau Vallon restaurant

Grilled fish at Anse Soleil Cafe

Grilled fish at Anse Soleil Cafe

Steamed barracuda

Steamed barracuda



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5 responses to “Mahe Musings – 1

  1. the sea food looks awesome …. any pics from snorkeling ?


    • No Roads Barred

      Hey Joe! Yes, the food was fresh, simple and flavorful! You would have loved it!

      Unfortunately, no pics from snorkeling 😦

      Hope you guys are well.


  2. Forever Fallen

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  3. what a lovely place!! envy you! but also love it that you have captured the essence of Mahe so nicely 🙂 Hope you got lots of tea back!


    • No Roads Barred

      Thanks Shivangi! Yes, we did carry tea back. Mostly because the ‘real’ Seychelles souvenirs were too heavy to take home. You will see why in a post or 2 😉



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