Uniquely Hong Kong!

Earlier this month, I was in Hong Kong for the third time in a year. It’s a city that never ceases to amaze me – vertiginous buildings against a backdrop of lush mountains, a ubiquitous colonial past that lingers amidst its present-day Chinese governance, the umbrella protests with a non-violence strategy.

Victoria Peak - Hong Kong

It’s a city of contrasts, with a great energy and a non-stop buzz. Here’s the list of my favourite things about HK. Things that make this city so special:

1) The Octopus card

This is the absolute first thing you buy when you get to HK.

Octopus card, Hong Kong

This multipurpose card can be used to pay for public transport (MTR, tram, ferries and bus) and can also be used at a whole host of retail outlets. Makes life sooo easy!

2) HK desserts

Try out the colourful local desserts at the many dessert cafes dotted across the city.

Mango-pomelo-sago dessert - Hong Kong

A night stroll and a mango-pomelo-sago dessert (a HK favourite). De-lish!

3) The Central Mid-levels escalator

Step onto the world’s longest, covered escalator system and enjoy the passing views of cheerful bars, hipster cafes and charming boutiques.

Central Mid-levels escalator - Hong Kong

This 800m (2,600ft) long escalator runs downhill from 6-10am bringing the folks from the top of the hill to the central business district. It then changes directions and goes uphill from 10.30am to mid-night. Nearly 55,000 Hong Kongers use it every day to get to and from work.

Central Mid-levels escalator - Hong Kong

Even the Dark Knight (Christian Bale) has filmed on this famous escalator.

4) The tea house

After a visit to the quaint Tea Ware Museum in Hong Kong Park, stop by the LockCha Tea House next-door.

LockCha tea house, Hong Kong

This traditional, Canton-style tea house, offers a wide choice of vegetarian dim sum and over 100 artisanal teas.

LockCha tea house, Hong Kong

I settled for the fragrant rose tea while enjoying the peaceful ambience of the place. A must visit for any tea lover! 

LockCha tea house, Hong Kong

More about the Tea Ware Museum in my post 3,000 years of Tea Ware in Hong Kong.

5) Ebeneezer’s

Party at Lan Kwai Fong till the wee hours of morning and then crawl to the nearby Ebeneezer’s outlet for some more booze, and gyros that taste amazing especially when you are drunk 😉

Ebeneezers - Hong Kong

6) The Shanghai pedicure

I’m not really sure how popular the Shanghai pedicure is in Shanghai but it is definitely a HK must-do. More about it in my post, Asia’s World City.

7) The Ding-Ding

This is what the locals call the iconic HK tram.

Tram - Hong Kong

More about my fun tram ride experience in my post, All aboard the HK tram!

8 ) The gazillion air-conditioning units

If you are walking around HK, there is no escaping the water droplets that trickle down from the overhead air-conditioning units.

Tram view - Hong Kong

I’m yet to master the art of dodging this man-made drizzle. A serious must-do for my next trip 🙂

9) Last but definitely not the least, Lantau, Macau and the many other nearby islands that are so easily accessible from HK.


What would you like to add to this list? Leave me a comment.




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4 responses to “Uniquely Hong Kong!

  1. Please add these to your list : Hong Kong – 5 more of the best things to do !
    1. Walk along Cheung Sha beach (on Lantau island). End the walk with dinner at a Braai BBQ, take a ferry back to Hk from Silvermine bay (mui wo).
    2. Dinner at the Black Sheep in Shek-o OR Lunch at Poi Toi island.
    3. See the Kadoorie farm in N.T.
    4. Hiking – Climb the Tai Mo Shan and Lion rock and Castle peak and trail walk in Shing-mun.
    5. End a hike on the Lantau trail (from # 1 above) at ‘Stoep’ on cheung sha beach ( lantau ).
    6. Trail walk the “dragon’s back” to end at black sheep – shek o (for lunch / early dinner).


  2. Annelise

    Great job! I enjoyed the “trip” through the blog! Well done!


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