Hiking in the Seychelles – The Trois Frères Trail

Always looking to experience a different part of Mahe island in the Seychelles, I accompanied a few of my local friends for a hike along the Trois Frères Trail.

If I thought the Anse Major Trail was tricky, then the Trois Frères Trail turned out to be even rockier and fairly steep. Not complaining though as the sweeping views of Victoria and the islands beyond, made the hike completely worth it! 🙂

The name Trois Frères (French for three brothers), comes from the trio of imposing granitic peaks overlooking Victoria. Covered with luxuriant vegetation, including introduced spice trees like cinnamon as well as native palms and screw pines (pandanus), these weathered cliffs are also home to the only carnivorous plant in the Seychelles, the pitcher plant Nepenthes pervillei.


Pitchers of the carnivorous Nepenthes pervillei seen along the trail

To get to the starting point of this trail, one needs to get to the Sans Souci Forestry Station bus-stop, located on the Sans Souci Road. If coming from Victoria, immediately after the Forestry Station bus-stop, take the small side road on the right and go uphill until the sign that marks the direction to the Trois Frères appears. That’s the starting point of the trail. It’s a cul de sac which also serves as a car park.

The trail itself is less than a kilometer long but feels like more because of the steep gradient. After climbing for about 30-40mins, we came to a view point which offers a spectacular view of Victoria, St. Anne Marine Park, Cerf and the other eastward islands.

We had however, not checked the weather that morning. And before we knew it, the heavens opened up, ruining any chance of a sunny, dazzling view or a good panorama shot! And it also became impossible to spot or photograph any birds 😦 A lone white tailed tropicbird braved the rain and seemed to enjoy riding the wind current.


View of St. Anne Marine Park and the nearby islands from the viewpoint

There is a path that goes all the way to the cross at the top (height of approx. 700m). But we didn’t dare venture ahead in the rain.

According to Seychellois historian Julien Durup, the original wooden cross at the top of this peak was erected on 4th November 1956 to commemorate the visit of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg, on 19th October that year. As the wooden cross eroded away due to the elements, it was replaced much later by a concrete one.

I leave you to enjoy these rain filled pictures from the Trois Frères trail viewpoint. Hopefully, there will be better weather next time!


The calm before the storm…


View of the airport in the distance


Victoria and beyond….


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4 responses to “Hiking in the Seychelles – The Trois Frères Trail

  1. shivangiparikh

    What a lush landscape! Better luck next time with the weather 🙂

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  2. wow! the view from up there is magical!

    and that n. pervillei pic is rly nice too!! hehehe.

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